Open Coconuts Safely & Easily

MetalCoco is the most durable coconut opener available in the market. Made with 100% food grade stainless steel, you can enjoy the freshest coconut water without worrying about food safety.

Don’t know how to open a young coconut? No problem. Follow these simple steps to enjoy pure coconut water in no time.

  • Select a young, green coconut
  • Place the coconut on a sturdy countertop or table
  • Pierce the coconut’s crown, making sure to keep your fingers away from MetalCoco’s cutting edge
  • Twist the handle until you form a small hole and carefully pry MetalCoco from the coconut
  • Enjoy your fresh coconut water!

Experience 100% Fresh and Natural Coconut Water

Delicious Taste

Coconut water is freshest when enjoyed directly from the coconut itself. After you learn how to open a young coconut with MetalCoco, you can enjoy a green coconut’s semi sweet and nutty flavor alone or in your favorite smoothies and beverages.

Naturally Hydrating

It’s no secret: coconut water is one of nature’s most hydrating liquids. Coconut water is also full of tasty nutrients, including Vitamin C, protein, magnesium and other body-loving ingredients. The best part? No processing or preservatives.

Energizing Electrolytes

In addition to being fat free and low in calories, pure coconut water is packed with electrolytes and antioxidants. Swap out sports drinks with coconut water to nourish your body with natural sources of potassium, lower sodium levels and other energizing electrolytes.

Escape to a Tropical Paradise

Meet Your New Travel Companion

MetalCoco is more than a tool. It’s the ultimate travel companion. When you learn how to open a young coconut, you can transport yourself to a tropical escape in the comfort of your home. Already live near a beach full of coconut trees? Consider MetalCoco your newest beach buddy.

Become Everyone's Favorite Party Host

Throw parties your guests will never forget. MetalCoco is a popular party favor, especially for tropical themed celebrations like luaus and flamingo pool parties. Hands-on activities, like opening your own coconut, make for fun experiences guests will talk about for years to come.

Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving

You can also give the gift of purely natural and fresh coconut water to your family and friends. With MetalCoco, there’s no need to purchase packaged coconut water anymore. MetalCoco is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s perfect for any occasion.

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