MetalCoco Coconut Opener

Brazil's #1 coconut opener


  • Enjoy fresh, natural coconut water in seconds
  • The most durable coconut opener in the market
  • Made with 100% food grade stainless steel
  • For use on young, green coconuts
  • Dimensions: 4”x8”x0.5”
  • Made in Brazil and enjoyed worldwide
  • 100% customer satisfaction with a 90-day money back guarantee

Experience 100% Fresh Coconut Water

Safe, Fun and Easy to Use

Say goodbye to unsafe coconut cutters, knives and machetes. When used properly, MetalCoco is a quick and effective tool to open green coconuts.

Natural Hydration

Coconut water tastes best when enjoyed directly from the coconut. With MetalCoco, you can savor fresh coconut water in just a few seconds.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We know you’re going to love your MetalCoco, but we also know there’s nothing like peace of mind. 


Watch MetalCoco in Action

Our Customers Love MetalCoco!

“I can now drink coconut water without depending on the help of someone else. I just bought one as a gift for my friend.”

Denise, Verified Amazon Purchase

“Why did I waste so much time in the past with machetes and power drills? This thing is amazing. Quick and clean. Great invention.”

Eduardo Pagani, Verified Amazon Purchase

“I will not use a machete or sharp knife; I’m a nurse working with the ortho hand team and have seen way to many hand accidents (I value my fingers too much!). Once you get the hang of the tool (which only takes two/three tries) it’s amazing. I’m a small thin female and I open the coconuts myself. You do need to apply a little pressure but it’s super easy and effective...I’m in love!”

Lizzbeth Rodriguez, Verified Amazon Purchase


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Taste Fresh Coconut Water in Seconds

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